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Now that you’re in Big Bear full or part-time let us tell you what the real-estate agent forgot to mention.

We have something called weed abatement and it sucks. No one enjoys weed abatement also known as fire hazard abatement, but it’s a necessary evil. The annual weed abatement program is designed to alleviate dangerous fire hazards. San Bernardino County requires weed abatement year-round. If you don’t trim weeds and bushes you’ll get a “weed abatement notice” from San Bernardino County (sent to the property owners mailing address).

The “weed abatement notices” range from $200 - $500+ with 30 days to amend the problem. If upon second inspection, the vegetation hasn't been cleared fines will be applied. Then, if the property remains unmaintained, the county may send a work crew out to do the work and send you the bill + previous fees + fines. When the county sends workers to your property they charge a healthy fee that's above the normal cost of hiring someone.

You can do your own weed abatement or hire us:

  • Rake pine needles
  • Cut weeds to 4” or less
  • Trim bushes and trees
  • Stack and cover firewood (don’t stack firewood under deck)
  • Trees limbs trimmed to 6’ on trees over 12’
  • Trash and refuse removed from property
  • Other (vegetation that didn’t bother the inspectors last year might become an issue this year)
  • More fire hazard abatement requirements sbcounty website: Mountain area fire hazard abatement pdf

Fire hazard abatement more info

Some areas of Big Bear Valley may require weed abatement more than once a year due to weed growth. The rate of growth depends on weather variables including the amount of monsoonal rainfall received each season. Beware: The weed abatement inspectors will continue to drive around looking for weeds above 4” tall. If your vegetation has grown above 4” your property is fair game for notices and fines. If you don’t believe us just wait and see, bwahahaha!

Penalties for citation non-payment*

  • If payment of an Administrative Citation is not received within 30 days of issuance of the citation, a 50% penalty will be added. If payment is still not received within an additional 30 days another penalty of 50% will be added.

*San Bernardino County website


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